With the help of our good friends Vilis Family Bakery and Drakes Supermarkets these Can:Do 4Kids piggy cookies will be for sale in Drakes Supermarkets in South Australia from Wednesday February 6th for 4 weeks only!

Buy a box of cookies to share with friends and family

Boxes are available for pick up from Can:Do offices at Welland, North Adelaide or Blackwood.

A box costs $48 and contains 16 cookies. Cookies will be available to pick up from the afternoon of Monday February 11 2019.
Please allow 48 hours from your order before pick up so your order can be processed.

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Monday 14 January
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Order your limited edition piggy cookies and support blind and deaf SA kids!
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Cookies 4Kids 2019:
Box of cookies, pick up from Welland
Box of cookies, pick up from North Adelaide
Box of cookies, pick up from Blackwood

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